Who We Are

The Sales Enablement Group's (SEG) principles have had first-hand experience building out and optimizing marketing and sales departments for the better part of 20 years. We provide advisory and consulting services to transform the way our clients sell and as pioneers continue to promote the Sales Enablement (SE) industry.

A real strength of SEG is our experience introducing new processes and technology while managing change. With over 100 Sales Enablement deployments and counting we have truly learned through experience.

Success with Sales Enablement


What We Do:

Advisory Services

Sales Enablement advisory services are a great way to get started on the path to Sales Enablement success. An example of the advisory services provided by SEG includes:

Sales Enablement Cost Justification and Product Review - Define the business needs, model the ROI, and understand what application products and processes are available on the market.

Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment - Using Sales Enablement Maturity Model ® we understand the client’s level of Sales Enablement maturity, current processes and technology then create a roadmap to move up through the levels of Sales Enablement maturity.

Sales Enablement Change Management Planning - Define a plan to align marketing, sales and operations to embrace Sales Enablement while addressing organization change and mitigating potential risks.

Sales Enablement & Social Collaboration - Define requirements and a plan to incorporate social tools and process as part of the overall Sales Enablement deployment. We help our clients make sense of how collaboration and social tools can drive what we call 360 degree Sales Enablement which plays a critical part of Sales Enablement process improvement.

To get started with a disciplined approach to Sales Enablement, we use Sales Enablement Maturity Model ® to first understand the organization’s process maturity.  We then work with our clients to set a course to refine current process and technology to enable them to move up the Sales Enablement Maturity Model ® .