If your sales organization is struggling – not just to make this year’s numbers, but even to match last year’s – you’re not alone. CSO Insights’ studies over the last four years have shown that quota attainment is steadily decreasing.

Quota attainment is decreasing: 63.0% in 2012, 58.2% in 2013, and 55.8% in 2016

What if you had the secret sauce to win more than half of all your forecasted deals?

A recent study by CSO Insights says you can increase win rates almost 40% by elevating your Value / ROI Selling capability to Great. This means significantly less deals lost to “No Decision” or going with the competition.

And the benefits don’t end there.

Having problems articulating what sales enablement can do for your organization or how it complements other initiatives such as CRM? Create a visual blueprint of your organizations selling system (aka “selling machine”) to enable your company to replicate success, reduce wasted effort and focus on what matters to sales and your buyers.

Create an effective “selling machine” for your company to replicate success, reduce wasted effort and focus on what matters to sales and your buyers.

What percentage of your new sales hires and newly recruited partners will be successful in the first 3-6 months? What will each new product and new product release contribute to your sales pipeline, forecast and closed deals within 3-6 months of being launched? Ideally, all of them!

If you are a sales enablement leader, I can imagine what your first reactions to that headline might be:

  • “management consulting mumbo jumbo”
  • “my charter is to enable sales, it is in the title of my role – you are trying to make things too complicated”
  • “Ugh, I don’t have time to create a charter. I’ve got too many fires to put out right now”
  • “Management tells me what to do, with clear objectives – there is no need for that”
  • “that’s too theoretical, I am looking for more pragmatic solutions”

If any of these thoughts closely match your initial reaction to the phrase “create a sales enablement charter” bear with me a little bit longer and ask yourself these six questions:

Earlier this month Stonebranch, a market leader in workload automation solutions announced the launch of a worldwide partner program (read more here). Although Stonebranch is new to sales enablement, the sales enablement champion at Stonebranch, VP of Business Development Michelle Jones, is far from new sales enablement. In fact, I met Michelle many years ago as an early adopter of our sales enablement with another organization and have known her to be a great advocate for partner success through better enablement, training and coaching.

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